About us

SNBC Europe / Orient Technologies, founded in 2001 in the Netherlands

is responsible for the sales, technical and financial support for all SNBC products within the EMEA region.

As a fully-owned subsidiary of SNBC, Orient Technologies BV offers pro-active and after-sales technical capabilities and delivers its products from their warehouse in The Netherlands. Amongst others, Orient’s main products are:

  • Direct Thermal POS printers: (BTP-R880NP, BTP-R580II, BTP-R990 (2ST)
  •  Impact POS printers: (BTP-M300)
  • Direct Thermal Barcode printers: (2”: BTP-L520,3”: BTP-L580II and 4”: BTP-L540)
  •  Thermal Transfer Barcode printer: (BTP-L42)
  • Kiosk printers: (2: BT-T056E, 3: BT-T080R, BK-T680, 8: BK-L216II)
  •  CIS- scanners: (BS-UL088II, BS-ULA4)

As Orient mainly targets its market through local distributors, resellers and system integrators as well by direct OEM/ODM-projects, Orient Technologies wins the loyalty of its customers by providing superior competitiveness and flexibility.

SNBC specializes in research and development, sales, services of special printers and scanners as well as system integration products, and is the only Chinese enterprise that has mastered core design manufacturing technologies of special printers, scanners and formed large scale production independent innovation. SNBC has three main series of products, including key basic parts, complete printers and system integration products. SNBC is capable of conducting all-round testing involved in product reliability, environment, mechanism, safety, electromagnetic compatibility and harmful substance detection, and has established a complete management system involved in design and development, supply chain control and customer service according to related international standards. All products are designed and produced according to related international requests and certification, and is RoHS-certified. www.newbeiyang.com

Orient Technologies and SNBC China

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